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User Experience & Visual Design

For a website to be successful and returning customers, we need to design it suiting the targeted audience's needs and behavior. To do that, we need to have a good understanding of potential user's demography information, based on which the site will be designed to keep engaging with responsive, fast and easy to navigate design. The secret for an amazing site is a totally experiential, immersive user experience where the information architecture is totally transparent of the technology. Our design ensure one click access to Major sections at all times and sections are logically grouped and presented to limit number of drill down layers.

Our website design is based upon clients' strategic vision and adheres to the W3C Accessibility Guidelines. We are familiar with designing sites for various mobile device and text reader for physical impairment users.

User experience design is a result of several varied disciplines. Information architects, usability engineers, content writers, graphic designers and interface designers, team up to create a totally engaging user interface.

Typically activities that contribute in creating satisfying user experiences are:

Content mapping
Site Navigation design
Prototyping and usability testing
Content writing, messaging and labeling
Visual design and documentation
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